Satchapot Unkaew ⭐ Germany

Satchapot Unkaew from Germany
Professional Experience:
Specialist Trainer for Thai Massage
Specialist Thai Warrior Massage
Ergo therapist
Owner: Naka Gasalong Technical of Thai Massage Academy Leipzig
Naka Spa Traditional Thai Massage & Wellness Leipzig
Cultural ambassador for Thai massage in Germany and European countries
To begin with, I have learned all my massage experience from my family. My grandfather and my parents were traditional Thai therapists and I have seen them provide massage treatments to customers since I was young. This gave me the opportunity to be their assistant for any help they needed. I also observed my mother, who specialized in diagnosis of each customers’ case by giving special massage to relax the muscles.
After moving to Germany, I decided to make use of all my massage experience. I spent a lot of time learning more about the various massage techniques and finally received a certificate which allowed me to practice massage therapy officially.
As a member of the Thai Warrior Massage Team in Berlin, I have been selected to be the trainer for the Thai massage warriors in Germany and other European countries.
In addition, I am taking part – and leading the massage teams – at various international events such as ITB Berlin 2018/2019, Delicanto 2018, and Thai Festival International in Bad Homburg 2018 to name a few.
Given all of this, I believe that I am ready to take part in this prestigious competition to show the world the art and practice of Thai massage.
Thank you very much.
Satchapot Unkaew

Massage World profile:​Unkaew​

Facebook: Satchapot Unkaew-Gräfe

Category : Asian massage

Satchapot unkaew- participant at the European Massage Championship

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