Magda Guarducci ⭐ Italy

2nd place Western Inspired

My interest in massage comes from the need of being touched with love and since very early, I started “massaging” my mom. Growing up I had injuries and pains in the left shoulder, this led my interest in the therapy, I started receiving therapeutic massages very early and this triggered me to deepen my passion.
After 13 years of working, my approach becomes now intuitive, using in my massage different techniques depending on the receiver. My intent in every massage is to feel what the person, body, muscles, structures, tissues need and trying to accomplish his needs by communicating with the tissues through the research of the most therapeutic technique for that body.

I mostly use deep tissue because I like to work until the deepest layer of the tissues trying to release tensions and blockages. For me the massage should bring the person deep in his body, feeling it, and should make opening and breathing the body, bringing new energy to every cell.

I firmly believe that touching a specific part of a body relates to contact a specific part of our inner, so the massage works at a deeper level, not only in terms of hormones production and nervous system impact but as working on deep-seated mental and emotional tensions and blockages: working on the joints flexibility we work on the mental flexibility too, and releasing tensions and pains in the muscles and structures we can release deep-seated fears and blockages. 

Touch is for me one of the most powerful forms of communication in the bodywork. The quality of the touch and the deep understanding and feeling of the receiver’s body, guide to choose and perform the right techniques in order to make the massage therapeutic.

    Magda Guarducci - participant at the European Massage Championship

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