Gianluca Marziali ⭐ Italy

My name is Gianluca Marziali, i started my career as a shiatsu practitioner 13 years ago. During this time I learned myofascial techniques and i created my own massage protocol called “myofascial shiatsu integration”. This gave me the possibility to work in my own studio and spa in Italy. I look forward to the European Massage Championship to meet my colleagues and see many different techniques. I think it is a great opportunity to learn.

Gianluca Marziali- participant at the European Massage Championship

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Judge application

The Bonus category will not in any way invalidate the vote per participant as it is exclusively developed to create a Playroom for participants moving from all over Europe with the family and promoting CARE towards those who will be “future generations”.
This category will be the only one open to the public, a gift to the country hosting the event and believes in the project, but above all to the children.