Gabi Neagu ⭐ Romania
Gabi Neagu- participant at the European Massage Championship

My activity as a therapist started ten years ago when I graduated from the first massage course. In order to help and give me the most effective treatment I began to train as a specialist in Swedish massage, reflexology, anti-cellulite , therapeutic, lymphatic drainage, deep tissue, therapeutic thai, yumeiho, body modeling. For three years I taught the art of massage at the renowned Reflexovital Massage School in Romania. Starting in 2013 I worked as a shelford to the General Cabinet of Massage and Reflexotherapy in Romania. From 2017 I moved to Austria and I work at an Orthopedic Clinic as a therapeutic masseur which was a new challenge.

My motto as a therapist is: “The helping hands are more holy than the mouth that prays” 
The chosen massage category is Western inspired.



Judge application

The Bonus category will not in any way invalidate the vote per participant as it is exclusively developed to create a Playroom for participants moving from all over Europe with the family and promoting CARE towards those who will be “future generations”.
This category will be the only one open to the public, a gift to the country hosting the event and believes in the project, but above all to the children.