Criteria of evaluation

  • Massage flow (the ability to create a non-stop movement)
  • Ergonomy (posture and use of the cot)
  • Setting (setting of the “work table”)
  • Innovative methods (ability to develop an effective working system)
  • Client contact and communication – before and after
  • Receiver/client feedback (25%)

The 2 massage sessions will be analyzed by judges who express a value from 1 to 10 for each evaluation criterion.

In case of a tie, the written test will be analyzed.

Participants will perform their massages on other therapists, not on models. The receiving therapist will evaluate the massage and his/her grade will be worth 25% of the full grade).

 Written test

There will be a written test on Anatomy, Physiology, Psychology, notions on different types of massage.

The written test will be used only in the event of a tie.


The judges are exclusively teachers who have distinguished themselves in their European state or internationally as trainers and will evaluate their own category of specialty.
There will be 2 or more judges per category.
During the final, the receivers (body) will be massage teachers.

Fair-Unbiased judging

All the grading and feedback from the judges will be public.
The organizers and staff will be present to ensure fair unbiased grading of all participants.
We give the highest importance to impartial judging.

The Final

The receiving judge can give up to 6 points.
The overlooking judge can give up to 3 points.
The championship participants in the public can each give 1 point to 1 therapist. 

You can see the full schedule here



Judge application

The Bonus category will not in any way invalidate the vote per participant as it is exclusively developed to create a Playroom for participants moving from all over Europe with the family and promoting CARE towards those who will be “future generations”.
This category will be the only one open to the public, a gift to the country hosting the event and believes in the project, but above all to the children.