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Ivan Conversano, founder of the European Massage Association

Ivan Conversano


Ivan Conversano is President and Founder of EMA. He graduated from the Mekong School in the 2006.

He is CEO and SPA manager in 2 spas based in Modena, Italy.

He is a master in a new method called “ROMAN SYSTEM” a new western approach for wellness.

konstantina makri - founder of the european massage association

Konstantina Makri


Konstantina Makri is the Vice president and Founder of EMA.

Professional LMT. Passionate about healing, she specializes in Deep Tissue – Acupressure Neuromascular advanced therapies and Shiatsu. She graduated from Omiros College.

She works between Greece London and Rome.

Julien Elis, founder of the European Massage Association

Julien Elis


Julien is a wellbeing enthusiast and convinced that world conflict can be resolved with massages.

He is also the founder of Massage World and the Secretary of EMA.

He recently created ..3, a media company dedicated to helping wellness companies produce quality videos and websites for fair pricing.

Nico Casartelli - founder of the european massage association

Nico Casartelli


Nico is a coordinator, social media manager for Massage World .

She is passionate about the massage and wellbeing industry, and a researcher at Institut Pasteur.

She is also the founder of ..3 and manages the oversight of video production and scenarios. 

Country managers

Daliana Dumitra country manager european massage association

Daliana Dumitra

Country manager Romania

The art of massage came to me in 2017. My first contact with this world was Thai massage, which I learned and took to the high level that I can now reach. I realize that the therapies in massage are so developed and this path which I have chosen is unlimited. That’s why, in 2018 I participated in the World Championship in Massage where I met amazing skilled people and in 2019 in the European Massage Championship where I have  participated in the beginner category and won the Silver medal.
Being part of the community was one of my biggest desires, to find people like me, that have the courage to follow their dreams and became a happier person.
After I won the medal, I was sure that the path that I had chosen was the right one, then my desire became stronger and EMA came to me and helped me make this dream come true. Now, I am the Country Manger in Romania, and have the possibility to unite all the Romanian therapist and bring them into the European
community. This is our first step on the moon. Little, but so important for all of us.
Being together, helping each other, sharing with other people, this is the evolution that I want to be part of. Sharing is caring!
elisa magné country manager european massage association

Elisa Magné

Country manager france

Elisa is a French therapist from Toulouse, in the south of France. She specializes in sports massage and cupping for athletes’ fast recovery. 

After her certification in well-being, lomi-lomi, anma, cupping, deep-tissue, pregnancy and Balinese massage (woof! 🤩) from Ecole Shen-ti she worked in a couple spas before opening BubbleMassage, where she is off to a great start with a successful business and returning clients!

Following her medal in the European Massage Championship 2019 where, on top of great massaging skills, she demonstrated a keen mastery of communication and all things digital, she was invited to be France country manager for EMA. 

We are absolutely thrilled to have her on board!

Her full profile can be found here: Elisa Magné


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