Daniela Florentina Croitoru ⭐ Romania

My name is Daniela Florentina Croitoru I am 37 years old from Romania and I live in Italy since 2002 … From 2008 I started attending the school S.E.V.A. “Valle Aniene Estetica School” Sas (Rome). After several years I realized that my passion in this area was Massage! Following an open day with FIM (Italian Massage Training) by Stefano de Mechino I was enchanted by watching the great teacher and teacher Gaetano de Simone and many others while they were performing with the Thai massage and others. With him I did my first training course … From then on, something inside me started and I decided to go on enriching my person and my passion for massage! In October my holistic journey began … in July 2018 I graduated as “Massage Operator GDS method (body wellness sector-excellence) at” Massage School of Gaetano de Simone (Rome). For 5 years I have worked as a Specialist Beautician and Massage Operator and I am also the Technical Director at the Aesthetic Center and Nail Center “GRAFFI di LUCE” (Rome)

For me the massage, whether it is performed or received is a multi-sensorial journey that begins with touch, permeates the body and reaches the depths of the soul !It is able to harmonize one with the whole, the ego with the universe!It is an ancestral dance that turns into a cradle, a lullaby whose echo remains in us as an irreplaceable “hug”! It’s like a smile, necessary but NEVER intrusive!

daniela Florentina Croitoru - participant at the European Massage Championship

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