Concetta Immacolata Palmiero  ⭐ Italy
Concetta Immacolata Palmiero- participant at the European Massage Championship

Holistic operator, since I was a teenager I had a passion for massage, but only in 2016 I was aware of the start of a training program, with the FIM school of Stefano De Michino. The massage that best represents me and the Bio Emotional massage conceived by Stefano De Michino, Hawaiian and Californian. I obtained my master’s degree in professional show masseur and major events, where I was selected to be part of the Stefano Serra dream massage area at the Sanremo house. Work experience at wellness centers and SPA as a massage area manager, I currently have a studio in Aversa in the province of Caserta. Massage for me is a giving and receiving, listening, perceiving. An emotional journey between mind and body.



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