Anna Psatha ⭐ Greece

Anna puts an emphasis on leadership, managerial abilities, communication, organization, and teamwork. Her formal education in reflexology with almost 15 years of experience makes her a c-level professional pioneer. Very comfortable working in a fast paced work environment  with a huge interest for holistic treatments. Passionate about helping people; fully aware of health and safety policies.

Anna is the owner of Le Massage Melissia Center in Greece (the biggest Massage Brand franchise in Athens) coordinating a team of six therapists and also managing the service of massage@work which aims to help employees in their office environment with the use of Shiatsu Chairs. She is also a candidate for Spa Manager Bachelor Diploma at Kapodistriakon University.

She understands the Olympic Spirit as she was the leading player of the National Handball Team of 2004 Olympic Games.

Finally she is an assistant professor in ALPHA College in Greece teaching reflexology and has several publications.  In the past she worked in Europe for a number of well known European spas.

    Anna Psatha - participant at the European Massage Championship

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