Ivan Conversano, founder of the European Massage Association

Ivan Conversano


Ivan Conversano is President and Founder of EMA. He graduated from the Mekong School in the 2006.

He is CEO and SPA manager in 2 spas based in Modena, Italy.

He is a master in a new method called “ROMAN SYSTEM” a new western approach for wellness.

Konstantina Makri


Konstantina Makri is the Vice president and Founder of EMA.

Professional LMT. Passionate about healing, she specializes in Deep Tissue – Acupressure Neuromascular advanced therapies and Shiatsu. She graduated from Omiros College.

She works between Greece London and Rome.



Julien is a wellbeing enthusiast and convinced that world conflict can be resolved with massages.

He is also the founder of Massage World and the secretary of EMA.

Nico Casartelli


Nico is a coordinator, social media manager for Massage World .

She is passionate about the massage and wellbeing industry, and a researcher at Institut Pasteur.

Daniela Caracciuolo


Daniela Caracciuolo has 21 years of experience in massage therapy.

She is graduate of the Mary Boyd School in Salerno (Italy).

She works as SPA manager in Luxury Hotels in Italy and Europe.

Daniela is currently a national master of the holistic sector and bio natural medicine, responsible for the Campania sector.

Her Philosophy is” Massage is a Message from heart to heart”

Roberta Anelli


Elvira Gentile


Elvira Gentile has over 20 years experience in massage. She is a SPA manager and CEO of a Luxury spa based in Rome, Italy.

Elvira is co-founder of EMA and Master in her special technics LoveForLifeMassage.

She has promoted her skills in the Italian Championship in Massage, winning a gold medal and participating in some of the most important meetings in Cosmoprof, Italy, and the World Championship in Russia. In 2019 she will perform at the Esthetique and Wellness Congress in Argentina.

Roberta Valerio




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