Aba Le  ⭐ UK
Aba Le- participant at the European Massage Championship

I graduated as a masseur in 2003 but you could say my training started at a much earlier age. Growing up in a Chinese family I was always roped into giving massages which as a child felt like all the time. Luckily I enjoy giving massages now and have studied many different types. In 2005 I set up a massage partnership in a gym called Club Kensington. I worked along side many different professions and built up an extensive knowledge of practical body work.

I love to keep fit and have pushed my body beyond its limits many times. So when it comes to working with injuries, I have a fair idea of what needs to be done and have formulated many of my own ideas which I hope to publish one day.

My Massage World profile: https://massage.world/massagetherapist/AbaLe

To book me: https://massage.world/massages/spa/aba-le



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The Bonus category will not in any way invalidate the vote per participant as it is exclusively developed to create a Playroom for participants moving from all over Europe with the family and promoting CARE towards those who will be “future generations”.
This category will be the only one open to the public, a gift to the country hosting the event and believes in the project, but above all to the children.